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Look-Alike Musicians

20 Jan

Celebrity look-alikes are awesome! There are lots of really good “doubles” out there, and even more creepy people who think they look exactly like their favorite star. Take me for example. As you can see, George Clooney and I are practically identical twins:


I heard George recently changed his Facebook profile photo to a picture of me, even after I told him the whole Doppelganger thing was SOOOO lame.


Have you ever seen famous musicians who look alike? I can’t believe I never noticed it before, but Beck and Paul Gilbert are nearly identical. See for yourself:

Paul Gilbert (left), Beck (right)

Paul Gilbert (left), Beck (right)

I wonder if they’ve ever met? If so, I wonder if they’ve ever talked about looking alike? The conversation would probably go something like this:

Paul Gilbert: Hi Beck.
Beck: Hey.
Paul Gilbert: You look awesome.
Beck: Thanks, so do you.
Beck: You’re a rad musician.
Paul Gilbert: Yeah, so are you.
Beck: Thanks.
Paul Gilbert: Cool. Well, see ya later.
Beck: Bye.