Keeping Up with the Jordacheians

13 Jul

OK, I am totally sitting on the next big reality T.V. show idea: “Keeping Up with the Jordacheians – Re-living the most bodacious decade in America’s fashion history through the lives of two modern-day, teenaged social outcasts”. Seriously, this is gonna be big. Here’s the show poster:

Hot. Reckless. Totally righteous!

The show focuses on two rebellious teens, Tiffany and Brad, who refuse to dress with the times.

Rockin’ a teased up ‘do, Tiffany is a bad girl who likes to live her life on the fringe. Literally.

As Tiffany’s annoying and awkwardly effeminate little brother, Brad longs to be just like the older guys (hence the beard stubble he’s been growing for the past six months).

Day or night, join us as we follow these two fallen angels “with the look that’s right” on their adventures in life, dating, and their pursuit for the perfect pinch-roll.

It’s gonna be…………..(collars up)………………WAY COOL!


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