The Squeaky Wheel

19 Aug

For a while now, I’ve been bothering the facilitator of the Kansas City IT Leadership Forum about leading a discussion on agile software development using Scrum. He must have been fed up with me asking, as I’m now on the schedule to talk about agile at the September meeting. The feedback I got was that the group might be more interested in agile from a conceptual level, rather than deep-diving into the specifics of Scrum. I suppose I’ll have to tailor my presentation a bit to make sure the content is appropriate for viewers of all ages. The other point he made was that this really isn’t a presentation as much as a discussion I will be leading. This might be challenging depending on the group’s collective knowledge of agile, so I’ll try to not dominate the conversation with ramblings of manifestos, principles, and practices.

I’ve also been grumbling about the AgileKC user group. So, at the last meeting I brought up some ideas for discussion topics, like “how does your company prioritize IT projects?”, and “who initiates IT projects, and what is the process they have to go through?”  Well, I managed to get myself on the hook to present our IT governance and PMO approaches at the September meeting. I’m actually looking forward to both the KCITLF meeting, and the AgileKC discussion. Both groups are well endowed with people much smarter than I am, so there should be some intelligent discussion and exchange of good ideas, most of which I will totally steal and pass off as my own.


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